Research during Covid-19 has shown that people with learning disabilities and/or Autistic people are facing disproportionate risks to equal enjoyment of their human rights to physical and mental wellbeing, choice and involvement in decision, and even to their safety and lives. For example, recent research from the British Institute of Human Rights*, directly with people with care and support needs, family, friends, community groups and frontline staff shows:

  • Over 15% of people have experienced their right to life not being protected because of reduced services or prioritisation of other services. Almost 1 in 10 people had experienced the use of do not resuscitate orders without discussing this with the person or placing pressure on them.
  • Almost 30% of people have experienced care being taken away impacting their dignity and right to be free from inhumane or degrading treatment.
  • Over 50% of frontline health and care staff saw restrictions on people’s lives that negatively impact people’s physical and mental wellbeing.
  • 50% of staff saw discriminatory decisions being made about people’s care and support.

*(BIHR is currently running human rights information sessions, working with community group partners to support people, families, friends and carers. To find out more email