Alternative Education

Able Hands Together: Little Wishford Farm, Warminster Rd, Stoford, Salisbury, Wiltshire SP2 0PS

Why choose Able Hands Together?

Able Hands Together (AHT) is a therapeutic farm which provides bespoke pastoral support and specialised alternative education for young people aged 10 – 17.

We offer small group sessions with a high ratio of staff to students. Each group will have one tutor and two support workers, to support four students.

We are based on a working farm in Little Wishford just north of Salisbury. We have a beautiful outdoor space and an indoor education area.

We are a small organisation run by a team of highly dedicated trained staff. AHT was set up in 2015 as a therapeutic farm for adults with learning difficulties, and in 2018 we opened our alternative education provision.

What is a therapeutic farm?

Therapeutic farming is a powerful mix of being in nature, working together in small groups, and being involved in a range of activities that are related to running our small holding. Young people can get closer to nature and do something with real purpose. This could be animal care, horticulture, or a whole host of farming / conservation – related tasks. Whatever the activity, young people play an important part in the day to day running of our therapeutic farm.

Therapeutic farming activities are tailored to an individual’s specific needs. The individual comes first and can take part in farm life in a safe and supported way. The farm environment provides a calming and supportive place for young people, in which to improve health and wellbeing and to gain new skills.