Alternative Education Provision 10 to 17’s

What Able Hands Together offers?

Most students who come to us are at serious risk of underachievement and for most, conventional mainstream education has failed to engage them. Many students who cannot cope with a classroom environment find that they thrive in more therapeutic surroundings, participating in animal-assisted projects. The curriculum we offer is diverse and supports students to gain lifelong independence skills, teaching pupils about much more than animal care. Embedded key skills are fostered daily and include teamwork, listening to others, emotional literacy, emotional regulation and developing self-esteem and confidence.

What will the students do at AHT?

AHT has a daily timetable of activities including:

  • Feeding and cleaning out the animals. The animals on the farm include pigs, alpaca, goats, sheep, poultry, rabbits, and guinea pigs.
  • Grooming and petting the animals.
  • Gardening in the summer.
  • Construction – Making bird / bat boxes.
  • Building and maintaining animal housing.
  • Walking the farm therapy dog and goats.
  • Arts and craft activities.
  • Cookery
  • Life skills

The timetable for the day is flexible and is adapted to meet an individual’s needs on a given day.

If you would like more information or to arrange a visit:
Please get in touch with our specialist Education Team.
Phone: 07836 559293.

Before a place is offered, we ask that a young person comes to have a look around the farm with their parent/carer and a teacher from school (where relevant). Following this visit the young person is invited to attend a taster day. Following the taster day, a place will be offered providing we have space and feel that we are able to adequately meet the young person’s needs.